Biking System

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The Village of Homewood has painted bike lanes, bike route signs and more than 50 bike racks at schools, shopping areas and parks. Homewood offers two types of bike lanes for sharing the road with cars. In addition, Homewood added over 75 bike route signs denoting destinations, attractions, parks and places of interest.

Bike lanes are marked on portions of Ridge Road, Dixie Highway, Harwood Avenue and Ashland Avenue. Route markers are installed on other high-traffic areas such as 187th, Center Road, and portions of Dixie Highway.

Cyclists on the Road vs Sidewalks

Cyclists move, on average, 8-12 mph. For most cyclists, primarily teenage and above, it's much safer to ride lawfully and predictably in the street, particularly if drivers expect to see cyclists. The same rules apply to cycling as to driving.