Water Supplier Information

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WEBSITE - Homewood's New water transmission line Project

New Water Supplier and Transmission Line for Homewood

Frequently Asked Questions

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Why are we moving to a different water supplier?

  • What has the Village done so far?

  • Where does Chicago Heights get its water? For how long?

  • What would Chicago Heights charge us?

  • Will Chicago Heights’ rate increase?

  • Will the rate residents pay for water change?

  • What is the route for the water transmission line?

  • Who will own and pay for the transmission line?

  • How much will it cost?

  • How long is the contract with Chicago Heights?

  • What other municipalities get their water from Chicago Heights?

  • Has the Village investigated other water supply alternatives?

  • How will purchasing water from Chicago Heights affect residents?

  • When will Chicago Heights begin supplying water to us?

  • Is water from Chicago Heights safe and reliable?

  • How is the Village testing for water quality?

  • Where can I find the Village’s water quality report?

  • What happens next?